Mealtimes made easy!

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Mealtimes made easy!
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How it works

It’s simple. Pick your dietitian-approved children's meals and we'll deliver them to your door. Choose a flexible subscription and you can save 10% on every order. Alternatively choose a one-off delivery. No fuss - our meals arrive frozen and ready for your children to enjoy in minutes.


Our mission

We want to make children's mealtimes easy and convenient, as well as ensuring young children grow up eating nutritious food for every meal. Our aim is to liberate busy parents like you - we'll do the cooking, giving you precious time back to spend with their family and friends.



We’re passionate about quality, responsibly sourced ingredients so that you can be sure your child is getting the very best. Not only that but you won’t find any hard to pronounce ingredients in our products as we buy exactly the same as you would at home.

We buy free-range & grass-fed meat directly from our local butchers each week. We buy fresh, sustainable fish, dairy and great quality fresh vegetables.



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Got a fussy eater?

We've worked with our Children’s Dietitian, Lucy Upton to adapt four of your existing favourites slightly for little ones who may be going through a 'fussy eating' stage and need their meals to taste, look and feel a little more familiar in our NEW Simple range.


Happy families!

Such good value! These toddler meals are amazing. Feels so good knowing my little ones have just eaten a full healthy meal stuffed with veggies.

Lucy Dunnett

I love that I have some home cooked healthy and nutritious meals I can grab at the last minute. So far my girls have enjoyed every one they’ve had.

Bonie Torbet

This couldn’t of come at a better time for us! My 3yr old was being very fussy and I was struggling to get her to eat anything else besides pasta.

Marnie Wills

My tot absolutely loves your pots, even does a yummy dance with constant yummy noises when she's eating your seasonal risotto!

Kiri Wroe

I ordered some of your pots for my fussy toddler and I've never seen him devour food like it, thank you so much!

Laura Taylor

They are great to have when I don't have time to cook and it's so nice to know what's in them so I don't get supermarket pouch guilt.

Lily Williamson