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Who We Are

We are a home-made food delivery service, specifically for mums and dads with toddlers or young children. Our food is prepared for you and delivered straight to your door. We make sure all our pots are high quality and healthy.

What We Do

We choose and cook nutritious food, so you don’t have to spend time shopping, chopping, cooking and washing-up. We prep, package and deliver the meals in little pots. Perfect for freezing, eating straight away or popping in your bag for a meal out.

Why We Do It

Our pots are here to make the lives of mums and dads less stressful and make meal times easy and convenient. If you’re working full time, our pots are for you. If you’re keeping up with a busy social life, our pots are for you. If you just don’t like cooking, or (dare we say it) can’t be bothered to cook, our pots are for you! We don’t judge, we liberate!

We are also keen to make sure your children grow up eating the right food with the best quality ingredients for every meal. Let us be your lifeline – when you’re late from work, you’ve forgotten to go to the shops or just don’t have time to prepare the perfect meal, we are here for you.

Story Behind The Product

Flora, our founder is a working mum living in Balham. Before Pots for Tots she struggled to balance a full time job with picking up Toby from nursery, spending quality time with him at home and then cooking something delicious for him every night.
With little time on her hands the creativity and sometimes the nutrition was lost. Both her and her husband Charlie craved more time with Toby and more time for themselves in the evening!
Toby had already made his feelings clear about supermarket ready-made meals (particularly the healthy ones) the food either stayed on the plate or went on the floor. So Flora looked for places to order homemade healthy meals to her door, but with nothing cost-effective or nutritious available, she took things into her own hands and Pots for Tots was born.

Master Taste Tester

Toby has always been the ultimate Pots for Tots taste tester. He knows exactly what food he likes and doesn’t like, and his signs aren’t exactly hard to read!

A wide open mouth = something delicious

Pushing away the bowl = not for me