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Perfect for those toddlers who are going through a fussy eating stage or babies who need an extra step to move on from purées.


Do you have a fussy eater?

You are not alone! Fussiness is so common, in fact fussy eating has been reported to occur in as many as 20-60% of children, peaking between 18 months to 3 years. When your child starts refusing foods they usually love or is reluctant to engage with foods or mealtimes, it can send your stress levels soaring and can fill you with anxiety around mealtimes. We're here to help!

In response to your feedback, we've worked with our Children’s Dietitian, Lucy Upton to adapt four of your existing favourites slightly to create our new Simple range.

How we've adapted our meals

We’ve worked with our Children’s Dietitian, Lucy Upton, to adapt four of your existing favourites. Here's how.

Reduced quantity of herbs & spices

"Opting for plainer tasting foods during periods of food fussiness is another common toddler trait. Whilst we don’t remove herbs and spices completely, we’ve dropped the flavour a little to meet the needs of children with a more sensitive palate."


Made our sauces smoother

"Sensitivity to texture can be common during a phase of toddler food selectivity. Keeping our sauces a little smoother, with less obvious chunks of vegetables (which normally you’re little one might want to fish out), means peace of mind with actually getting those vegetables in!"


Increased amount of carbohydrates

"Did you know that young children need nearly ten times more energy from carbohydrates than other nutrients like protein? So we’ve added some extra carbohydrates to meet your toddler's energy needs and also to add some extra familiarity to their meal."

  • Parents often feel guilt around their child's fussy eating habits, and wonder what they've done wrong!

    It's so important to remove blame (it's not your fault), and consider steps forward to help make sure fussy eating doesn't persist or impact negatively on family or mealtime dynamics. - Lucy Upton, The Children's Dietitan

Get the Simple Meals Bundle + FREE Digital Fussy Eating Guide for just £35

We've worked with our Children’s Dietitian, Lucy Upton to adapt four of your existing favourites slightly to create our new Simple range. We have Mediteranean Veg Orzo, Chicken Korma, Fish Pie and family favourite Pasta Bolognese.

This bundle contains 2 of each of the four meals for your little one to try as well as a FREE download of our Fussy Eating e-book (worth £8.99)

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In partnership with...

Lucy Upton is our resident dietitian and is highly experienced with the management of fussy eating in children. Alongside her nutrition background, she has additional training and qualifications in feeding therapy for children. She supports parents 1:1 and in
groups online with children’s feeding difficulties and fussy eating. Lucy is also just beginning the weaning journey with her daughter, Aurelia.

  • A phrase to remember - "It's ok - you don't have to eat it."

Happy families!

“My 4 year old is very fussy but will eat a few of these meals, which is a lifesaver when working full time. Also great to know she's eating healthy while being so convenient”

Samantha H

“I have a fussy eater and she loves these pots. Great for when you’re having a busy week or a takeaway. No preparation needed and you can even cook from frozen!”


“Delicious, properly delicious food. Always delivered as expected and on time. Much better than I could ever cook myself, even if I had hours in the kitchen! My picky 2 year old loves most things.”

Rachel W