5 tips to beat the Sunday scaries!

5 tips to beat the Sunday scaries!

Ever heard of the notorious Sunday Scaries? Yep, it’s that icky feeling we get on Sunday evenings. The mental load of planning for the week ahead - work, school, social engagements, family obligations - the list goes on!

This pressure tends to peak on Sundays, but let’s be real, it can happen any evening, especially for parents like me who are constantly juggling responsibilities. This pressure tends to creep up on me even more when I neglect self-care, but noticing this has helped me to prioritise myself without the guilt.

 Cherrelle and her son, Louie

Here are a five things I do to help keep the Sunday Scaries at bay…

1. Exercise
I aim for just 20 minutes a day, fitting it in whenever I can without pressuring myself to adhere to a specific time.

2. Reading
Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or binge-watching shows, I choose to read in the evening, which significantly calms my mind.

3. Meditation
I practice a 10-minute sleep meditation, and I particularly enjoy the ones by Deliciously Ella.

4. Relaxing Bath or Shower
Taking a hot bath or shower before bed helps me wash away the stress of the day. There’s something incredibly soothing about a hot bath!

5. Mindful Eating
I focus on eating nutritious meals and cutting out junk food. Although, I amm human and on those extra chaotic days I may forget to eat, or indulge in sugary foods that aren’t especially great for me. I’m particularly guilty of this in the week before my period.

For me, it’s not about putting pressure on myself to adhere to strict routines; it’s about understanding those times when anxiety starts to take over and using the strategies I have learnt that work for me to steer my thoughts in a positive direction.

Someone wise once said to me, “It’s like the oxygen mask on an airplane. Put yours on first, and then help others.” Think about that for a moment.

So, my reminder to you: put that oxygen mask on, whatever that looks like for you. You’ll be better equipped to support everyone else. And remember, we’re all imperfect humans, and that’s perfectly okay.

Love, Cherrelle

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