• Ingredients

    We make sure all our toddler meals are made with the best ingredients and are packed full of all the nutrients your child will need. Our meat is always free-range/ grass-fed and delivered from the butchers every week. We buy fresh sustainable fish, dairy and great quality fresh vegetables.

  • Size

    We offer our meals in a Small or Medium pot to cater for different ages and appetites. Our Small pots are 190g - 250g and our Medium pots are 250g - 300g, depending on recipe. We generally recommend a Small pot for little ones aged 8 months to 2 years and a Medium pot for toddlers and children aged 2 years to 5 years, as a guide. Both sizes are the same product (texture and ingredients); the only difference is the amount of food!


We pride ourselves on using a minimum of three different vegetables in every meal. We also make sure we include a range of meat dishes, fish dishes and vegetable dishes. We add meals to our range frequently to make sure your child is getting a good variety.

We make some meals without milk, however they may contain traces of milk as we work in a small kitchen and with small suppliers.

However, it is better to avoid ordering any of our meals if your child has a serious allergy.

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Our packaging has been chosen carefully to make sure it suits every need. It is microwaveable, freezer-friendly, bpa free and your baby can eat straight from the pot.

However even more importantly we wanted to make sure the pots, boxes, cards and even the dry ice sachets are recyclable, so we are not contributing to plastic waste and so you never have to feel guilty about ordering over and over again.

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