10 tips to ace the art of secondhand buying & selling

10 tips to ace the art of secondhand buying & selling

Babies grow at lightning speed, kids are fickle with toys, and maternity gear has a built-in timer - it's time to dive into the world of pre-loved treasures! Buying and selling second-hand items isn't just budget-friendly; it's also a powerful way to lead a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a circular economy. Whether you're a seasoned thrifter or a first-time eco-conscious explorer, Ana Estrougo, Founder and CEO of The Octopus Club, has got you covered with these 10 helpful tips to ace the art of second-hand shopping and selling...

Ana, founder of The Octopus Club

Tips for Buying Pre-Loved Items:

  1. Search Smart, Stay Open-Minded: While specific models may not pop up, broaden your search and look for items that meet your needs. You can always hunt for additional accessories separately.
  2. Zoom in on Details: Take your time examining the images at full size. Remember, pre-loved means a little wear and tear is expected. Ask the seller for more photos or details if needed.
  3. Embrace Realistic Expectations: Don't expect brand new items - you're buying second-hand! A little wear is normal, but rest assured, most items will still be in great condition.
  4. Be Patient, It's a Treasure Hunt: Don't get discouraged if you don't find what you need right away. Thrifting is an adventure; give it a few days, and you might score the perfect find.
  5. Feel Proud of Your Choice: Each purchase contributes to a world with less waste. Celebrate your eco-friendly decision and know that even small steps make a big difference.

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Tips for Selling Second-Hand Items:

  1. Snap and Save: Gather your items and take bright, clear photos in one go. Once you've taken all the shots, the physical job is done. You can upload them on the sofa with your feet up :)
  2. Picture Perfect: Create an appealing space with natural daylight and a simple background for photos. Show the whole item and any wear and tear details.
  3. Honest Descriptions Sell: Be detailed and accurate when describing the condition, size, brand, and any noteworthy features. Honesty builds trust with buyers.
  4. Price Fairly: Research similar items to gauge their value and consider the current condition. A competitive price will attract more buyers.
  5. Shipping Wins Hearts: Include a postage option to broaden your audience. Use the Post Office for items under 2kg, and for larger items, arrange for convenient courier collections (Parcel Force, Evri, DPD, whatever you prefer).

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At The Octopus Club, we're parents on a mission to reduce waste and extend the life of products. Everyone is welcome to join our eco-conscious community and make a positive impact together! Get 10% off your order at The Octopus Club with code POTSTOTS. Happy thrifting!

Ana Estrougo, Founder and CEO The Octopus Club

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