Dietitian-approved lunchbox ideas for kids

Dietitian-approved lunchbox ideas for kids

Lunch box boredom already kicking in? If you plan and prep your children's packed lunch box on a weekly basis, it's bound to get a bit repetitive - for you and them!

Plus, we know that the mental load of researching healthy lunchbox ideas for toddlers can be incredibly time consuming; from reading the packaging of each product on the supermarket shelf, to ensuring you are following your school's allergen guidelines… Then on top of that, you're worrying if what you serve up is going to keep them full and their energy levels up for the rest of the school day!

But don't worry, we're here to take some of that mealtime burden off your shoulders. With our expert tips and ideas from our resident Children's Dietitian, Lucy Upton, you can say goodbye to lunch time boredom and hello to delicious and balanced lunch boxes that your kids will love…

Pots for Tots Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch Box Tips from our resident Children's Dietitian, Lucy Upton:

Lunchboxes don’t need to be complicated or intimidating , and getting the balance right can be broken down to a simple four part formula:

  • One portion of a starchy carbs (think bread, wraps, pasta)
  • One protein source (chicken, tofu or even cheese)
  • One dairy option (yoghurt, portion of cheese)
  • One fruit and/or veg (sliced apple, cucumber, carrots)

Pragmatically, you also want to include foods your child enjoys as no one wants a hangry child at the school gates! So factoring in preferred foods, alongside anything you’re offering that may be more of a ‘learning it’ foods is also key!

Pots for Tots snacksBalanced Bites for Your Lunch Box Rotation!

Shake things up with our range of sweet and savoury bites. All dietitian-approved and tailored to the needs of growing children:

  • Our Fish Bites and Sweetcorn & Courgette Bites are the ideal savoury snacks for your tot's lunch box. You could even pop in a small pot of hummus, greek yoghurt mixed with garlic, or some tangy tomato salsa for some delicious dipping!
  • Our delicious Apple & Cinnamon and Apricot & Carrot Oat Bites are healthier alternatives to many of the children's sweet treats you'll find on the supermarket shelves. Plus, did you know that our Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bites provide nearly 20% of a toddler's recommended fibre intake in one serving, thanks to the two main ingredients - apple and oats!

“These offer a real opportunity to boost a child’s nutrition during the day, especially toddlers who have high energy and nutrient needs but small stomachs. The range of ingredients Pots For Tots use aims to provide your child with a variety of balanced options, tailored to the needs of growing children!” - Lucy Upton, our Children's Dietitian

Pots for Tots Oat Bites

Check out our full range of balanced bites and snacks at Pots for Tots and make lunchtime a fun and delicious experience for your little ones! And if you include our bites in your tot's packed lunch, make sure to share a snap and tag us on Instagram @pots_for_tots!

If you fancy hearing more from Lucy, then click here to read her mealtime Q&A!

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