Meet our expert: The Children's Dietitian

Meet our expert: The Children's Dietitian

At Pots for Tots, we're dedicated to providing busy parents like you with nutritious, high-quality children's food and expert advice to help make mealtimes as easy and stress-free as possible.

That's why Lucy Upton is part of our family - as a Specialist Children’s Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Feeding Therapist, Lucy brings over 14 years of experience and a commitment to helping families cultivate lifelong healthy food habits. No product from Pots for Tots reaches your freezer without the ‘green light’ from her! Read on to find out more...

Lucy, welcome! It would be amazing if you could reintroduce yourself - who you are, what you do, and tell us about your vast experience!

Hello! So, I work as a specialist children’s dietitian and nutritionist and have done so now for over 14 years. Essentially, this means I understand the dietary and nutritional needs of babies and children very well and can translate the science into day-to-day reality for parents, e.g. feeding children, tackling challenges like fussy eating, food allergies, and anything medical that crops up and can affect a child’s diet or feeding.

I have lots of clinical experience from children’s hospitals to special schools, but I also work with the media with brands (like Pots for Tots!), as a speaker and more! I’m also a feeding therapist, and I am passionate not just about what children eat – but how they eat and supporting healthy food relationships for life!

Lucy Children's Dietitian

How have you found your feeding journey with your daughter, Aurelia?

Feeding Aurelia has brought a whole new level of experience to my day job! Aurelia's now 16 months old and loves doing everything herself (classic toddler!), making the mess even more prolific than the weaning days!

At the moment, it feels like she’s about 80% fruit, but gratefully, she’s still enjoying a wide range of foods. The one thing I really do practice that I ‘preach’ is eating with her as much as possible, which has huge benefits for her learning and acceptance of foods.

Why did you choose to work with us as a brand, over other children's food brands?

As a health professional, I know I hold a significant amount of ‘trust’ authority for parents, so I am very careful about whom I work with. Pots for Tots' ethos aligns with so many principles I discuss daily, and there is a true commitment to children’s health and well-being woven through the meals. The brand is also trailblazing a way forward for children’s convenience food, being transparent with messaging and ingredients and providing hands-on feeding and parenting support alongside.

Lucy Children's Dietitian

Could you explain how it works when you develop meals with us?

I work closely with Lizzy, the Head of Product Development, to review and support the recipe development for all products – discussing ingredients, nutritional composition, ways to add variety and contributing that ‘real-life’ experience from the hundreds of parents I work with. No product from Pots for Tots reaches your freezer without the ‘green light’ from me!

Thank you, Lucy! And if you're looking for even more from Lucy, make sure to head over to our Instagram for easy-to-digest videos and quick-fire facts to help make mealtimes and nutrition feel a little less overwhelming. Plus get even more support over on The Children's Dietitian website.

Love, Team Pots for Tots x

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