Our menu of vegan meals & snacks

Our menu of vegan meals & snacks

Do follow a vegan diet or are simply looking to add more plant-based dishes to your family's meal rotation?

We know this is the case for many families, so we thought we'd showcase our bestselling vegan toddler meals and plant-based snacks for kids - all approved by Lucy Upton, our Children's Dietitian, to be nutritionally balanced for little tummies! 

Plant Based Meals for Kids

Pots for Tots Plant-Based Kids Meals

All of our plant-based toddler meals are loaded with delicious veggies, a protein and a carbohydrate or starchy food, to ensure there's a balanced variety of ingredients in every meal.

Here's a list of the vegan meals on our menu:🥥 Veggie Korma
🥕 Indian-Style Veggie Pilaf
🍆 Chickpea Tagine
🫘 Three Bean Chilli
🍠 Sweet Potato Curry
🍝 Lentil Bolognese 

Plant Based Snacks

Pots for Tots Vegan Snacks for Toddlers

Our ever-growing menu of sweet and savoury vegan bites are ideal for snack-hungry toddlers...   

🥞 Mini Banana Pancakes
🍎 Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bites
🌽Courgette & Sweetcorn Bites 

"The Pots For Tots team has worked really hard to create snacks for kids that offer variety, balance and convenience, but without compromising on nutrition." - Lucy Upton, Children's Dietitian

Click here to take a closer look at our full range of children's snacks!

Pots for Tots Vegan Pancakes


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